When Melodies Gather: Oral Art of the Mahra

Genre Marked (Unnamed Referent Sentimental)

You’ve decided to compose a poem according to a genre; that is, a preset template that makes close reference to poetic predecessors. This generally assumes a solid capacity for poetic composition because most of the poetic genres are meant for public circulation and, consciously or unconsciously, such poems will be compared to others belonging to the same genre. Traditionally, such poems were composed with a specific melody in mind; the genres of sentimental poems were inevitably linked to a mode of signing or an occasion for singing. However, recent developments in the poetic culture of al-Mahra have changed that calculus.  

Will musical performance be an intrinsic component of your poem ?

Yes, the poem was composed for sung performance.
No, although the poem may certainly be sung if anyone so wishes.

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