When Melodies Gather: Oral Art of the Mahra

Fāten/Hayfa and the Moon

Poem #10 in the Dīwān of Ḥājj Dākōn.

Recited by Ḥājj Dākōn and recorded by Sam Liebhaber at the Khalīj Hotel, al-Ghaydha, October 14, 2003.

Sung by Ḥājj Dākōn and recorded by Sam Liebhaber at the Khalīj Hotel, al-Ghaydha, October 14, 2003.

1) ḳawlī bə-wrīt w-fāten // ġawten w-meśtibhūtenI say: Fāten and the moon // are sisters, the one like the other,
2) tneṣṣeyfen hazweymet // w-āṣūr mehtīdyūtenThey split the night watches equally // and share the night.
3) we-ḏ-ber ḥaźrūt mdōret // tehǧōś eḫḫarǧūtenWhichever one appears on the dancing ground // she outshines the rest even if they are just married
4) [we-tźōṭ] eṣṣīyet kemlet // līsen we-l-neḥǧūtenAnd snatches away all the talk, // from them and from those who are dancing.
5) bālī hes ehhōdī zeyna // w-hōmūr mehhīdyūtenWhen God divided beauty amongst women // and commanded his distributing [angels],
6) wezmīsen ḳasm zōyed // l-effəwōrā ḏ-ġaǧnūtenHe gave [Fāten and the Moon] the greater share, // [even more] than [all] the supple, graceful women.
7) mōken ḏe-wrīt nġarbes // wel nheh [sic: nḥā] meffīsərūtenConcerning the moon, we know much about it // and we are not going to describe it
8) w-fāten źaḥkets bōreḳ // w-ayenten dehśūtenBut Fāten, her smile is like a flash of lightning // and her eyes dazzle
9) we-ḏ-ber šeḥyeth fāten // yehneh eġarhūtenWhoever has passed a greeting with Fāten // forgets all the others.

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