When Melodies Gather: Oral Art of the Mahra

Humorous Couplet: Sdōn the Fool

This humorous couplet was composed by Muḥammad Rwēḥ al-Jidḥī and is about a feckless Mahri, Sdōn, who discovered a lump of tar on the beach, thought that it was ambergris, and figured that he could sell it for a fortune. This couplet was recited by Ḥājj Dākōn in al-Ghaydha, July 2008.

1) essədōn ksōh ǧdaḥt // we-ykōbī ḏā ʾanbīr // we-tǧōret weṣlethSdōn found something valuable washed up on shore // and thought that it was ambergris // and that his ship had come in
2) śefh ār sendrōs // nefl bād berḳleyš // eḫźeyr eǧīwəlethBut soon after [discovered it was] tar // the cast-off leavings of the British // something the sea rolled onto the shore.

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